Red Sky at Night With Whiskey Moon Face, Dakota Jim + Guests

Red Sky at Night With Whiskey Moon Face, Dakota Jim + Guests
Monday 26 February 2018

Whiskey Moon Face, Dakota Jim + Guests

Doors: 7pm till 11pm
Entry Price: £5 at the door
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Red Sky at Night is back at Jamboree with a weekly Monday global tapestry of roots music, presided over by Whiskey Moon Face and Dakota Jim!

“Born into a puddle of whiskey beneath a stark winter moon and raised by cold winds, schooled in the warming spirits and hungry for more, Whiskey Moon face manage a natural, graceful sound built from many ports. The spellbinding voice that haunts Hackney’s back streets, the clarinet that floats through open windows with impossible lyricism, and the double bass that meanders beneath. Always innovating and improvising with stark originality, Louisa Jones’ troupe of underground musicians play with a virtuosity you could never expect. Songs which speak of the unspeakable, with understated humour, captivating storytelling and a transcendent spirituality.

“The result of a thousand drunken nights, countless dreamy days, and years of musical adventuring, Whiskey Moon Face take you on a voyage into a bohemian underworld which you never knew existed.” – (Theo Bard)

Dakota Jim is a performer twisted into the roots of jazz, blues and Americana.

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